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The second Changsha Tourism Development Conference

October 13,2023

The opening ceremony of the second Changsha Tourism Development Conference is a large-scale immersive multimedia fireworks and poetic drama with the theme of "dozens of miles of waterway to the Xiangjiang River", which is divided into three chapters of "the connection between mountains and water", "the symphony of history and poetry" and "the dialogue between people and the city".

Each chapter consists of multiple scenes, including scenario interpretation, cultural recitation, non-heritage display, immersive light and shadow show, immersive dance and poetry drama, culture and tourism rap promotion, AI Changsha local theater duet, and science and technology electro-acoustic catwalk. Take the scenario interpretation of "Liushui Renjia" in the chapter of "The Connection between Mountain and Water" for example, 40 dancers and 18 boatmen hand in hand to present the fishermen's twelve-hour life scene on the water, and open a picture of "Spring River, Moonlight and Flower Night". Stars on the river light up, a group of fishermen on bamboo rafts, singing the melodious boatmen's horn out of the boat, boatmen in the Jiu Dao Bay to move the boat, put rows, the stage a group of fisherwomen who live by the water, farmers in the ridge stepping song, to show the joy of the labor and look forward to the joy of a good harvest ......

Since it is a fireworks poetic theater, fireworks are undoubtedly the focus of the whole evening.

Fireworks  highlights will reflect the fusion of art, media fusion, technology fusion,three major features: to create a river, light up a mountain of special symbols of the program fireworks, to do a real "A river poetry and painting"; take advantage of Changsha as the world's "capital of media art" brand recognition.Changsha's LED, CNC stage and dance troupes were used as artistic media to make a good organic combination of various media and fireworks; at the same time, drone formation technology was used to combine with fireworks to present the "Canopy Fireworks".

The entire evening party creative lineup, national director Zhang Jigang as artistic adviser, his masterpiece "Thousand Hands of Goddess of Mercy" was presented at the closing ceremony of the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games, and is still fondly remembered.Fireworks  director, the head of Hunan Fireworks Troupe Huang Cheng as director of the evening, he has led many major festivals fireworks show, experienced. The evening party will also invite a number of well-known artists and teams to participate in the performance, locking the degree of art, topic and attention.

Huang Cheng said, the whole evening party to fireworks as a fuse, through the "immersive poetry drama interpretation + immersive fireworks display" mutual empowerment, build " Liu Xia Lai" "Ran Qi Lai" regional culture and tourism new industry, igniting a new culture and tourism. Tourism new business model, igniting a "Chang Liu hundred scenic beauty map", for the cultural tourism conference injected into the self-propagation gene, to stimulate the audience to take the initiative to share the dissemination, prompting the "net red" Changsha, Liuyang towards the "long time red! "to create a broken circle myth.

It is understood that from October 11 to 17, the second Changsha City Tourism Development Conference will be held in Liuyang, of which 13 to 14 for the main event. General Assembly to "Happy Changsha,Fireworks Liuyang" as the theme, with the opening ceremony and fireworks cultural evening, culture and tourism empower rural revitalization theme forum, culture and tourism project observation, culture and tourism leisure consumption festival, tourism industry development to promote the meeting, the international tourism destinations to promote trade fairs and other main activities.


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