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The 15th China (Liuyang) International Fireworks Cultural Festival will be held in Liuyang from November 3 to 4

November 10,2023

“A river of poetry and paintings, a city full of fireworks”

Liuyang is the world's largest  fireworks  production trade base and research center. Since 1991, the Liuyang Fireworks Festival has been successfully held 14 times, proving to the world with colorful products, ingenious creativity, and technological avant-garde expression that Liuyang fireworks are heard all over the world, and the world's fireworks are counted in Liuyang.

The festival will take humanities as the medium, creativity as the pen, the sky as the theater, draw the "Liu" light and colorful, "Liu" even forget to return to the landscape of the city of flowers scroll, play "to forge ahead in the new journey, into the top five! "The exciting music.

"Fireworks Planet", you are welcome to come!

As the main event of the Festival, the 15th China (Liuyang) International Fireworks Festival Opening Ceremony and Fireworks Art Show, to "full of fireworks waiting for you to" as the theme, to create a new concept of "fireworks planet".The "fireworks planet" belongs to everyone who looks up to the starry sky, and also belongs to everyone who chases the light, and even more belongs to everyone who is a firecracker. Come to the scene of the audience will be transformed into a "fireworks planet" of the light chaser, follow the light chasing journey navigator, to open an immersive romantic journey.

The director group introduced, the whole cultural performance to "fireworks and light" as the main line, divided into "Li from the sky" "my heart has come" "love up to the future" three chapters, Sun Nan, Sading, Bureji, Cheng ringing and many other stars, singers, and the whole audience will travel through space and time, feel the beauty and romance of the fireworks planet, explore the magic and wonders of the planet, and harvest the fireworks planet! They will travel through time and space with the audience to experience the beauty and romance of the Fireworks Planet, explore the magic and wonders of the Fireworks Planet, and harvest the hope and blessings of the Fireworks Planet.

In addition to passionate songs and dances, the evening party also added Chinese-style musical instruments, difficult acrobatics, fast-paced rap and other elements, with the fireworks, giving people unlimited imagination.

Fireworks  are the main character of the party. The Fireworks Festival broke the conventional screen limitations, a comprehensive upgrade of the choreography visual, set up more than 4,800 square meters of LED screen screen, fully integrated with the Sky Theatre, Liuyang River and Jintan discharge field, the stage extends to the "sky, earth, mountains, water", presenting the screen pictures and discharge effects into one, complementing each other's scene! Atmosphere. In addition, will also set up in Liuyang city more than 50 city discharge point and Liuyang River water floating platform discharge point. At the end of the evening show "make billion light", tens of thousands of firecrackers in the night bloom, will depict "a river poetry and painting, full of fireworks," the magnificent landscape."


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