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More and more strict of Cargo declaration!!!

May 22,2023

On April 12, 2023,Shanghai Huayang International Logistics Co., LTD make announcement,the customs will further strengthen the inspection of goods.

If any problem is found during inspection, the logistics company must report it to the association.

Also,they will charge the machine inspection or manual inspection contract fee.(Machine inspection: RMB 800/ container,Manual inspection (Waigaoqiao) : RMB 4800/ container,Manual inspection (Yangshan) : RMB 6800/ container)

Due to the requirements of the shipping company, CMA and SM companies do not allow the entrainment and mixed loading of general cargo in the  fireworks container.when booking the container, must be sure to indicate whether there is general cargo,all the goods loaded into containers must be declared truthfully.Must note that if a customer secretly carries or mixes general goods in CMA and SM containers, it will be reported to the Association as required.


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