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Liuyang City the first All BA three on three basketball league passion opening

July 21,2023

There were shouts of support inside the stadium and shouts of shouts outside. On the evening of July 19, Liuyang City's first "All BA" three on three basketball League kicked off. A national basketball feast jointly presented by grassroots players kicked off at Liuqiao Night Market by the Liuyang River.

Although the sky under the light rain, but still can not stop the enthusiasm of the fans to watch the game. Crowds of fans arrived early to cheer for their teams. With  fireworks  lighting the 28-meter-long "Liuyang All BA" logo, the three-on-three basketball league officially sounded the whistle.

Since the launch of the first "All BA" basketball game in Liuyang City on July 6, the competition in each division has been hot and the atmosphere has been super burning. The 3 on 3 Basketball League is an important event in the first "All BA" basketball game in Liuyang City, attracting 143 teams, players from all walks of life, including school students, retired teachers, company staff, excavator masters, take-out delivery men, etc. The competition is divided into 175 cm height above, 175 cm below and other groups.

It provides a more fair and reasonable basketball competitive environment for different people.

Take-out delivery man Chen Ke learned the news of the three-on-three basketball league, immediately invited several good friends to team up. "After the game, I will continue to deliver food." Chen Ke said that many businesses near the night market have opened takeout services, and he often travels to and from the night market to pick up and deliver food. In his spare time, he will also play with his companions in the court near the night market. "It feels like my home court, and I hope to get good results." The basketball court was set in the night market full of fireworks on the Liuyang River, which realized the organic integration of food, fireworks, basketball and other elements, so that fans can fully enjoy the food and fireworks of the Internet celebrity night market while watching the ball. In the night market outside the stadium, Liuyang steamed dishes, cold noodles, milk tea, barbecue, fruits and other Liuyang characteristics of the food and Internet celebrity snacks filled the street, so that citizens are full of food.

That night, a 1.7-meter-high food steamer with an interior area of 18.08 square meters was displayed in the night market, attracting many spectators to come and take photos. Liuyang's steamed dish and prepared food businesses also use the drainage effect of the game to publicize and promote Liuyang steamed dish in the night market, and provide dozens of free sample dishes for the majority of fans. "Today is not only a feast for the eyes but also a feast for the mouth." Huang Chi, a fan from Shandong province who came to Liuyang as a tourist, was full of praise for the game. He said that an activity let him encounter the three elements of food, fireworks and basketball, and enjoy the charm of Liuyang city and the enthusiasm of the people.

It is reported that during the event, Liuyang will also hold basketball  fireworks show , Pedestrian King Challenge, beer barbecue Festival, national tide Culture Festival, camping music festival, steamed food festival and other basketball carnival series of activities, with basketball as the medium, with the charm of sports events, in the masses of sports spirit and cultural life, enhance the physical quality of the masses at the same time, Promote the integrated development of "sports + culture", "sports + tourism" and "sports + cuisine".


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