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Large-scale immersive fireworks show

January 04,2024

Large-scale immersive  fireworks  show, national style fireworks show, national fashion music party, zero-point New Year's Eve fireworks prayer, the length of more than four hours of the grand New Year's Eve fireworks show in the evening of December 31, 2023 in the Sky Theater grand staging.

This event by the Hunan Fireworks Troupe fireworks display, according to Huang Cheng, The 2023-2024 Liuyang River Fireworks - New Year's Eve Fireworks Prayer Night will be divided into "Liuyang River Fireworks" large-scale immersive fireworks show, "The end of the world is a total of this time" national style fireworks show, the national tide of music party, as well as zero-point New Year's Eve Fireworks Prayer, and so on four major parts.

Among them, the "Flame Encounter Liuyang River" large-scale immersive   fireworks  show is themed on "Beasts Praying for Blessings", combining the five auspicious beasts of "Xuanwu, Phoenix, Qilin, Qinglong and Pixiu" in the classic Chinese IP "Classic of Mountains and Seas", which are the most popular in the world. "Five kinds of auspicious beasts, will present the audience with "the dragon is spiritual", "heavenly blessings", "the mighty and auspicious Qilin", "phoenix dance on Jiuzhou" and "Xuanwu offer longevity" five chapters, through the five stories gradually awaken the beasts, to all viewers to bring longevity, peace, good luck, peace, good fortune and good wishes.

The fireworks will illuminate the world, and the joy will be boundless!

One of the highlights of this New Year's Eve event is to send the best New Year's blessings with fireworks as the carrier, based on the roots of traditional Chinese culture.

The New Year's Eve also launched the "Blow up your wishes into the sky" wish collection activity on the whole network, the general director Huang Cheng will collect the wishes written on slips of paper, which will be installed into the barrel by the fireworks workers, and these wishes will rise into the sky together with the fireworks and blossom brightly on the New Year's Eve. During the whole time of the National Wave Music Party, a special "Sky Wish Program" was set up on site. The camera will randomly capture the audience in real time and invite them to say their New Year's wishes.

It is worth mentioning that the party will use an immersive rotating stage, choreography inspired by the Chinese "Hetu Luoshu", known as the "Magic Cube of the Universe", into the cosmic astrological reasoning and the traditional source of the five elements, breaking the traditional choreography to express, and fireworks for in-depth integration, to bring a different kind of fireworks. It breaks the traditional way of choreography expression and deeply integrates with fireworks, bringing different audio-visual experience!


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