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Guidance on special management of perchlorate in fireworks and firecrackers industry

June 02,2023

In order to strengthen the Liuyang  fireworks industry perchlorate special rectification

Government released a special governance guidelines:

By regulating the management and use of perchlorate, prevent perchlorate-containing pollutants wastewater, dust, waste medicine from being discharged into the external environment. Standard storage and disposal of perchlorate-related solid waste.

The powder line of fireworks production enterprises using perchlorate, including weighing powder room, powder crushing room, powder mixing room (including inner tube and firecracker mixing charge room), powder charging (building) room, oil pressure room, granulation room, screening room, powder packaging room, powder transfer room and other workshops involving naked powder and dust shall be rectified.

The rectification requirements involve requirements for storage and transportation process management, requirements for waste water collection and treatment during use, requirements for dust treatment during use, requirements for perchlorate-related solid waste control,requirements for monitoring and supervision, construction safety.

The storage and transportation process management requirements require enterprises shall conduct training on perchlorate hazards and classified management, and establish a perchlorate material balance management system.Storage and transportation of raw materials containing perchlorate as required, the establishment of storage and transportation, the use of the process ledger for inspection.The use of units to ensure the safety of the situation to strengthen dust collection, sweep the ground, from the source to reduce unorganized emissions.

The requirement for waste water collection and treatment during use require the wastewater containing perchlorate should be collected centrally and all be reused.The open channels shall be used to collect waste water in the workshop,the grids of hard plastic material shall be used in the open channels and the cover plates shall be 2cm below the road surface.The workhouses within the scope of rectification should set waste water collection tank.The waste water storage tank (reuse tank) shall be constructed at the height or appropriate position of the plant area, and be well anti-seepage and anti-rain.Clothes, hats, masks, shoes and socks of perchlorate operators shall be assembled and cleaned in a unified manner, and waste water shall be collected in a unified manner to prevent perchlorate from leaving the area.The sewage collection tank shall be cleaned and disposed of once a month, and the waste medicine of the secondary and tertiary sedimentation tanks shall be cleaned every six months.

The requirements for dust treatment during use require enterprises should strictly divert rainwater and sewage to ensure that all wastewater containing perchlorate is diverted from other domestic water and rainwater,the safety windows of dust-related workshops, such as weighing materials, assembling powder areas and whipping processes, should be equipped with rain prevention measures and spray system to reduce dust.

About the requirements for perchlorate-related solid waste control.Private landfill or transport of solid waste containing potassium perchlorate for disposal is strictly prohibited,bags and containers containing perchlorate shall be collected and cleaned separately, and the cleaning waste water shall be put into perchlorate waste water collection and treatment facilities.

About the requirements for monitoring and supervision.Enterprises should establish perchlorate-related risk management systems, environmental monitoring plans and emergency measures.The supervision monitoring of the territorial ecological environment department shall be carried out at least twice a year, and the downstream water body and surrounding mountain pond shall be synchronously monitored.

About the requirement of construction safety.firstly,during construction, relevant production lines must stop production and remove all powders, powder-containing semi-finished products and products in process in the construction area.secondly,operations involving fire, electricity, cutting, high altitude and limited space in the construction process shall be managed in strict accordance with the requirements of the dangerous operation system.besides,construction personnel are strictly prohibited from smoking, using open flame and other prohibited activities in the production area of fireworks and firecrackers.

Enterprises in accordance with the above regulation requirements, combined with the problems found in self-inspection, carry out rectification, and the formation of "one enterprise one policy" rectification work summary, rectification work summary principle includes the following content: the basic situation of the enterprise, the list of existing problems, rectification work situation, supporting materials.After the guidelines released,all fireworks factory stopped production for rectification,fireworks production factories are no longer allowed to discharge even a small amount of production waste water into water sources so they have to solve the problem of residual chemicals from powder lines.

Currently, All of the factories are positive dealing with all the waste powder project, every star line, components line have built clean waste powder ditches.


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