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Come and see firework in Liuyang! More fun with fireworks

April 27,2023

Twelve years ago, Liuyang fireworks took the Changsha orange island as a stage, integrating mountains, rivers, islands and cities to create the world-famous "Orange Island Fireworks" brand; four years ago, Liuyang fireworks used the Liuyang river as a carrier and invited the world's top fireworks teams to create the "Liuyang Fireworks Conference" that influenced the world; this year, Liuyang has newly created the brand "Meet Fireworks in Liuyang River, Liuyang Weekend Fireworks Show" to deeply explore the value of Liuyang Fireworks as media art and emotional connection, making every effort to create the "World Fireworks Capital".

Free weekend fireworks show kicked off from Feb 25,2023,and will be held every Saturday night after that, attracted a large number of citizens and tourists to attend to this spring date. At the same time, the committee required the theme of the display show should have a cultural connotation, creative novelty, distinctive characteristic, to support the original, the products must comply with the relevant national standards.

"The idea of weekend fireworks show is very good, the live fireworks is very spectacular and have a strong visual impact." said Lian Yizhang, who came from Changsha to see the fireworks that night. The fully open and free weekend fireworks have greatly promoted the integration of cultural tourism in Liuyang, attracting tourists from other cities to come and play in Liuyang, making Liuyang a veritable "world fireworks destination".

"By creating and launching fireworks cultural tourism projects, Liuyang will not only be the manufacturing center of high-quality fireworks products, but also the center of creative fireworks lighting experience." The person in charge of Liuyang Firecracker and Fireworks Industry Development Center said that through the addition of fireworks, the cultural tourism brand of Liuyang is getting louder and louder, so that more tourists can stay in Liuyang and share the wonderful night scenery of Liuyang. Besides the weekend fireworks show, the first Hunan-Jiangxi Artistic Fireworks Invitational Competition, with the theme of "Meet in Liuyang and Seek Development", was held in Liuyang Sky Theatre on April 15-16,2023. Six competitors over the two evenings from Liuyang, Liling, Wanzai and Shangli will fire amazing shows to satisfy the audience's imagination with different creative expressions.


In addition to the spectacular fireworks shows, the competition was interspersed with cultural programs and fireworks drama, bringing more fun and different experience to audiences. In the original fireworks drama "Love in Azalea", the "Great Wall of Fireworks" is 800 meters long, 180 meters high and covering an area of 150,000 square meters, breaking through the traditional dimension and bringing an immersive experience to the audience.

"It's not my first time to come to Liuyang, but this is the first time to see fireworks live." Darius, a visitor from Poland, said that the wonderful effect and design on site was exactly what he expected from Liuyang fireworks. “Liuyang is the hometown of fireworks, and it really lives up to its name." Online friend "Leyou" watched the whole live show and praised the amazing fireworks show.

Liuyang, Liling in Hunan , Shangli, Wanzai in Jiangxi, four cities are close to each other with similar culture, are four major fireworks production areas in China. The first Hunan-Jiangxi Artistic Fireworks Invitational Tournament is not only a competition for the fireworks show , but also strengthen the communication and cooperation of the main fireworks producing areas in Hunan-Jiangxi province.

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