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About high temperature holiday notice

July 08,2023

In June 29th ,Liuyang Emergency Management Bureau released a high temperature holiday notice,It has decided to suspend production of fireworks and firecrackers in the city step by step from July 5 to August 31,2023.

Category 3 and unclassified enterprises will stop all process operations from 18:00 on July 5, Category 2 enterprises will stop all process operations from 18:00 on July 15, category 1 enterprises will stop all process operations from 18:00 on July 20, and approved deferred production enterprises will stop all process operations from 18:00 on July 31.In case of extreme weather such as continuous high temperature, the suspension time shall be adjusted by the municipal Emergency Bureau.All fireworks and  firecrackers production  enterprises shall conduct self-inspection strictly in accordance with the safety conditions for resumption of work after high temperature season (attached to the Self-Inspection Form for Resumption of Work Conditions of Fireworks and firecrackers Production Enterprises), and those who meet the conditions for resumption of work shall resume work by themselves from September 1.

Category 1 and Category 2 enterprise can apply for an extension, and Category 2 enterprises can apply for production until July 20.Designated enterprises to undertake weekend  fireworks  or other display orders can apply for production until July 31.Accidents involving deaths in production safety since 2022,those who have been administratively filed for punishment by emergency management departments for more than two times (including two times),since 2023 for producing fake and inferior products,Enterprises investigated and punished by public security departments for participating in illegal production or transportation may not apply for production extension.

How to apply for an extension?

Firstly,Enterprises submitted applications for extension to local towns (streets) before July 5,each town (street) to apply for the extension of production enterprises for initial verification, before July 6 will be a unified list of fireworks safety supervision team.After the town initial verification,relevant functional departments shall combine the list of enterprises applying for production.Before July 15, the Municipal Emergency Bureau announced the list of production enterprises to the towns (streets).

During the production period, the main person in charge of each production enterprise must work in shifts during the production period, according to the work plan to carry out production, it is strictly prohibited to appear "four over two reform" and other violations of laws and regulations: township (street) joint factory safety supervision staff should be stationed in the factory inspection, enterprise, township, city monitoring platform must be synchronous supervision. Regulatory departments at all levels should strengthen safety management during the renovation and expansion of enterprises, and strictly prohibit rectification while production.Reasonably arrange the production plan of the enterprise, formulate the work plan for production suspension, prepare for production suspension, strictly prohibit the enterprise to have long hours, overload production and other situations, ensure that the warehouse meets the storage requirements during production suspension, and punish the enterprises that do not obey the production suspension instructions without authorization. At the same time, the resumption of work after the high temperature season will be postponed to September 10.It is necessary to focus on the comprehensive cleaning of drugs in drug-related workshops, hazardous wastes, general warehouses and transfer warehouses to ensure that there are no drugs and semi-finished products in each production workshop and transfer warehouse; Special personnel should be arranged to stay behind to ensure that fireworks and firecrackers products and drugs are not lost or stolen, and once an emergency occurs, it can be efficiently and timely disposed of.All production enterprises should earnestly implement the main responsibility of enterprises, strictly check and rectify themselves item by item against the self-inspection table for the resumption of work conditions, and organize the resumption of work only after meeting the conditions. The Municipal Emergency Bureau and all towns (streets) should strengthen the inspection of the safety conditions of enterprises that resume work after the high temperature season, and order all enterprises that resume work on their own without meeting the conditions for resumption of work to stop production for rectification. And the municipal emergency bureau shall re-examine the conditions for the resumption of work of the enterprise.


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