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 Item No:  BDCK008
 Packing:  1/4
 About:  36shots * 4pcs Assorted Cakes, Tube size:175*Ø25/20mm, Effect: A:The 1 row to 5 rows :Red tip to crackling flower willow,Green tip to crackling flower willow; The 6 row:Blue tail to gold coconut w crackling flower, B:The 1 row to 5 rows :Red tip to silver blink willow, The 6 row:Blue tail to silver blink, C:The 1 row to 5 rows :Gold wave comet, The 6 row:Red tail to brocade crown. D:The 1 row to 5 rows :Whistling tail w red peony,The 6 row: Whistling tail to red peony.


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